• GED 6061-T6 anodised aluminium dial
  • Plush moulded EVA foam and impact absorbing rubber internal padding
  • Overlapping patella area with zero degrees CNC forged 6061-T6 anodised aluminium stop leaves no gap exposed regardless of how far the knee is bent
  • Figure-8 cable and behind-the-knee adjustment pad greatly strengthen the joint yet work as freely as your body's own ligament system
  • CNC forged 6061-T6 anodised aluminium hinge plates
  • Lightweight PIM glass-filled nylon shell conforms to your legs shape, creating 360-degree protection that will not rotate or slip
  • Velcro® brand closure straps with TPR pull tabs numbered in order to provide proper fitment and easy entry and exit
  • Replaceable foam kit allows you to tailor the fit to each leg