Crossbox CBX20 Gps Lap Time Receiver
Crossbox CBX20 Gps Lap Time Receiver
Crossbox CBX20 Gps Lap Time Receiver


Crossbox CBX20 Gps Lap Time Receiver

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Crossbox CBX20 Gps Lap Time Receiver


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Easily measure your lap and run times and improve riding technique with a revolutionary new position and motion tracking device. See your moto and MTB metrics at a glance in the user friendly iOS and Android app. With Crossbox on your helmet, you will gain more effective training, increased motivation and an elevated level of fun while riding. GPS tracking systems have enjoyed sizeable popularity in the athletic sector in recent years and for good reason. The Austrian brand, CROSSBOX, has developed a high-accuracy position and motion tracking device that is especially designed for Motocross and MTB. Better yet, it is affordable so every amateur racer or weekend warrior can have the satisfaction of knowing their metrics. Tested and used by professional racers such as Glenn Coldenhoff, Jordi Tixier, Liam Everts and Arminas Jasikonis.

This CROSSBOX device is the innovative tool needed to increase the overall quality and effectiveness of your training. If the world of CROSSBOX is new to you get ready to be impressed by the extensive features this small device has to offer. Our cutting-edge technology allows a detailed analyzation of your laps, easier than ever. The main difference compared to other lap timers is that CROSSBOX not only indicates laps and section times but also where and why the athlete is winning or losing time on the track. Additionally, it is simple to use without any other sensors on the track needed. Beyond the wide-ranging analyzation possibilities, CROSSBOX offers features to increase the motivation and fun factor on the track which makes it the perfect tool for weekend warriors, amateurs and pro level racers alike.



  • Easy setup - Simply mount the small device (58g) on your helmet and ride your laps. Back in the pits analyze your session directly on the smartphone.
  • The system allows analysis of lap and section times with an average accuracy of 1/100 of a second and a maximum deviation of 5/100 seconds.
  • The LapX calculates potentially the best lap time from the best section and shows which lines the user has to take in order to reach it.
  • Any laps can be selected and compared in a real-time lap playback.
  • Speed on every position on the track. Analyze your corner entrance and exit speed and work on faster times.
  • CROSSBOX visualizes brake and acceleration activity. From now on you can work on earlier smoother acceleration for higher 'cornering speed.
  • CROSSBOX is compatible with all common heart rate sensors. For example, simply connect your Garmin chest strap with your CROSSBOX and record your heart rate on every meter of the track.
  • Jump distance evaluation - specifically designed for professional supercross, the riders are able to detect fastest jump combinations or exact jump distances.
  • Race start analysis CROSSBOX recognizes every race start and provides information about the time up to 5m, 10m, 20m, 40m and 60m. Work on your starting technique and immediately get proof of whether your start just feels faster or really is.
  • Track leaderboards: Friendly competition anyone? Every track has a leaderboard with the fas test riders. Select any other lap, compare yourself in a lap playback and learn from others.